A Survival guide for humans

To comprehend the extent of the universe is unnerving. For that matter, we are not sure whether we are dealing with universe or multiverse. Biological universe is as intriguing as the physical universe. To add a good measure of spice to the whole thing there is interrelationship among all these universes to ponder about.

[ Making of “Beyond The Big Crunch”: The protagonist of this book is a cancer cell (An autobiography of a cancer cell). Methodology followed here is correlational. Scientifically, when we think of how the universe came into existence we naturally stumble on to the “big bang theory”. The correlation here, therefore, is between the birth of universe and the birth of a cancer cell. Consequently, one can look forward to the “Big Crunch” as the point on the other side. The theme of book is for humans to think beyond such a possibility, learning from the outcome of  cancer….. To prevent cancer or its recurrence, it might help to know the process of cancer. The book is about that as well…..Read More in COSMO DESK]

As we go forward in the macro level, as we travel from our planet to the solar system then galaxy and then further we may have to give up at the edge of the speed of light. As we go in the reverse, we travel into the micro level to the atomic level, subatomic and finally to the energy level and we are at a loss to explain most of it convincingly. In this vast universe which is frighteningly colossal, all through my life, I have struggled to acquire a piece of land for me to stay and probably inconsequential items as possessions.  Once we look around with wonder around us, it is unsettling to imagine the extent or the purpose of this universe and our place in it. Conversely, observation by Michael A. Seeds in his book, Horizons (Wadsworth Publishing Company, 1995, page 17) that “however vast the universe is, it is ruled by a small set of natural laws”, can give us confidence and

some pointer to understand our existence for the purpose of day to day perspective. Once we are able to analyze these small set of laws and their pattern we can probably understand the biological rules that govern the universe and in turn ourselves. This aspect, that a study of a representative sample of the universe in our immediate surroundings, may give us an insight, as if we are observing the entire UNIVERSE, both physical and biological and interrelationship between the two, is the starting point of our journey.
Therefore, in order to understand the larger canvas of the universe let us study what we know about and see a pattern within our comprehensible level. This can lead us to understand whether our higher purpose is inevitable and guided in which case we can just relax or if not, to find out what can save us. In this journey, we will start by trying to learn whether there are any aspects that we should worry about in the immediate future. In this direction the first book “beyond the crunch” is a dot in this canvas of intricate vast picture. As we go along, we will hopefully travel from world of jumble to universe of clarity and we will try to connect the dots as they appear. Your feedback would be valuable in this attempted journey to find the answer that probably we are all trying to seek.
The articles in this site appear as a series, in the part I of the book. The author puts up a part of the mosaic, each time, in this series. In, Part II, the analysis section, the author will record the discussions based on the feedback. Issues raised will be categorized and analysed vis-a-vis the end point that the author has in his mind.  The methodology is observational and correlational. End point is “realization of BioCosmology / BioUniversology