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Dr Kumara Swamy
I am Dr. Kumara Swamy, a radiation oncologist, placed in Bangalore. I chose this speciality to work in the field of cancer. At that time the radiation department used to be in dingy basements where other specialists would rarely visit, and some did not even know its existence in the hospitals. The turn of the century changed everything, and radiation oncology is now one of the most sophisticated specialities in medicine with robotics now taking a prominent place. And, without any conscious plan, I happened to be at the forefront in the usage of this technological revolution.

My other interest is philosophy. I explored for a bachelors degree in arts where I got glimpses of philosophical thinking of the world and this got consolidated with a master’s degree in arts. At this stage, my medical and arts topics all got mixed up and then slowly emerged the thought processes which are the subject of this web site.

My ambition is to explore the cancer conundrum further and prepare a textbook not only for villages of Padubidri and Mukka near Mangalore where I was born and brought up, Mysore city where I became a doctor or Bangalore which nurtured me but also for the people who are going to live anywhere in the universe in future, as a guide for the day to day living. May be this would be a beginning of a new concept…