Provisional Laws of Biocosmology / Bio-Universology

Based on the observation of rise and fall of empires/civilizations/organizations

The following is enunciated with the presumption that the aspects raised here are in the minds of all of us. What is documented below is the food for Socratic debate and will be adapted to the relevant feedbacks  

Definitions: (click on the picture for enlarged view)


 Subject: It is the topic in existence under deliberation. It may be money distribution in a society or hemoglobin levels in a population (one indicates the “healthiness” of society and the other “wellbeing” of a human being).

Events / variables: Around the given subject cluster of events/variables happen. For example if one takes the haemoglobin level of 100 individuals  (here haemoglobin level would be the subject under consideration) and plots a histogram, the maximum number will be around mean or median and rest will cluster around to take the bell distribution. (Fig LB 1). (click on the picture for enlarged view)


Moving Bell distribution: If the estimation of haemoglobin level is done in hundred individuals over a period of time and not simultaneously, one may plot at the end of experiment to get the bell distribution. However, if the time effect is taken into account and overlapped over mean or median axis, then the bell distribution moves in time space making it a moving bell distribution. In real life events happen in time space and also simultaneously. Here one way of viewing the events is, for simplicity, shape of moving “bird with flapping wings” (movement of the body of bird is akin to flight of time). The wings may be asymmetric in real time in the form of wave but symmetrical in reasonable average time (ie. when averaged out in independent intervals of time). (Fig LB1a) (click on the picture for enlarged view)


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