Chapter 1 -The Purpose- the realization

Chapter I: The Purpose – the realization

Purpose gives confidence. Purpose channelizes energy. It is the ultimate goal for life. Life develops a sense of direction, without which it is a rudderless ship. Not surprising therefore that I searched for my purpose in the deepest corners of my mind for a protracted length of time.

I had always watched the waves in the sea and pondered about it for millions of years. It was a pastime for me to stare at those changing curtains and wonder whether I am as purposeless as those waves. Those power rollers being always energetic, always active, never giving up but never going anywhere.  Some waves were small, some were big, and some were enormous but would always retreat when they seemed like they would go somewhere. Occasionally they would gain gigantic heights when the wind went mad.  However, they always retreated. It often crossed my mind that maybe my destiny was as good as those waves, stay where I am, without any accomplishment.

I could not stay behind the waves of the sea for a long time. Even without the hint of my destiny I intensely believed that I should go on. I went on evolving, learning every step of the time. The purpose looked like getting to a higher level of evolution and I did evolve at a rapid pace.

Finally, it took 3.8 billion years to get a glimpse of my purpose. Initially, I thought that glimpse was the only purpose. However, deeper introspection led me to believe that it was one of the three purposes of my existence.

About 3.8 billion years after I came into being, the thoughts that I was trying to push back into the back of my mind became intense. That acute desire to know what I meant to be and where I was supposed to go grew with no bounds. And an event happened, one day, somewhere in Europe. It was as revealing to me as to the person who did it, of course, each one sensed it in a different way. For the first time that day, a person looked at the creation that was driving him. The creation that ran the things looked at itself. OK, it is  not exactly looking at itself but something similar to what was driving him and could suddenly visualize what was happening inside him.  With that one action, I realized my purpose. For me, it was the completion of at least one cycle of life. It struck me that my first purpose was observation, observing my creation.