Provisional Laws of Biocosmology / Bio-Universology

Based on the observation of rise and fall of empires/civilizations/organizations

The following is enunciated with the presumption that the aspects raised here are in the minds of all of us. What is documented below is the food for Socratic debate and will be adapted to the relevant feedbacks  

Definitions: (click on the picture for enlarged view)


 Subject: It is the topic in existence under deliberation. It may be money distribution in a society or hemoglobin levels in a population (one indicates the “healthiness” of society and the other “wellbeing” of a human being).

Events / variables: Around the given subject cluster of events/variables happen. For example if one takes the haemoglobin level of 100 individuals  (here haemoglobin level would be the subject under consideration) and plots a histogram, the maximum number will be around mean or median and rest will cluster around to take the bell distribution. (Fig LB 1). (click on the picture for enlarged view)


Moving Bell distribution: If the estimation of haemoglobin level is done in hundred individuals over a period of time and not simultaneously, one may plot at the end of experiment to get the bell distribution. However, if the time effect is taken into account and overlapped over mean or median axis, then the bell distribution moves in time space making it a moving bell distribution. In real life events happen in time space and also simultaneously. Here one way of viewing the events is, for simplicity, shape of moving “bird with flapping wings” (movement of the body of bird is akin to flight of time). The wings may be asymmetric in real time in the form of wave but symmetrical in reasonable average time (ie. when averaged out in independent intervals of time). (Fig LB1a) (click on the picture for enlarged view)


 1st Law: What happens around you, similar things happen in the entire universe.

 2nd Law: Anything against the basic rule of existence is self eliminating and cannot survive.

3nd Law: For any given subject there will be a mean/median central axis with bell distribution of all the events. If time is overlapped on this central axis events for a given subject happen in “moving bell” distribution around this time axis. Stability of existence of event is inversely proportional to the distance from mean or median of this central axis; further a point away lesser the chances of survival. There will be constant gravitational pull on events towards central axis, for any movement away from the central axis, with a constant attempt to “reset” back to central axis

 Sub Law 1: Stable Improvement can be attempted in central time axis of particular subject but not away from it. (Fig LB3) (click on the picture for enlarged view)


Sub Law 2: Major shift is when the skew happens by > 33% from one side or either side of the central axis (Fig: LBC2). (click on the picture for enlarged view)

Sub Law 3: If a major shift or skew happens in the mean or median, it will be reset back after major reconstruction/destruction (Figs LB4; LB5) (click on the picture for enlarged view)


 Sub Law 4: Higher the intensity of the manipulation, which will shift the axis away from the existing mean or median, higher the probability of reconstruction/destruction when reset happens

Sub Law 5: Faster and larger the shift in mean or median, larger the extent of reconstruction/destruction when reset happens

Sub Law 6: A point away from a median or mean gets support from the point before it and intensity of support decreases moving away from the central axis giving rise to bell distribution of events.

Sub Law 7: If events get skewed in either side of axis equally/strongly, then the axis gets split into two subjects (Fig LB6). (click on the picture for enlarged view)


4th Law: Given enough time all effects in life come up to zero due to mean / median effect in moving bell giving rise to wave form of events. Feelings like pain, love, pleasure etc. all follow this rule. Progress can happen only in central axis of time.

Sub Law 1: Given enough time, higher the intensity of a feeling, stronger the negative effect of the same – Wave form of feelings

Sub Law 2: Bliss is staying nearer to the central axis of emotions.

Sub Law 3: Intensity of bliss can be elevated to a higher level by keeping feelings/emotions nearer to central axis.

5th Law: Expectation is the cause of conflicts and miseries and desire is the driving force of life.

 Material and Methods

1st M&M: Chance and probability

2nd M&M: Feedback system

3rd M&M: Correlational

4th M&M: Observational

First Law: What happens around you, similar things happen in the entire universe.

To repeat what is given in the overview – as we go forward in the macro level, as we travel from our planet to the solar system then galaxy and then further we may have to give up at the edge of the speed of light. As we go in the reverse, we travel into the micro level to the atomic level, subatomic and finally to the energy level. In this vast universe which is frighteningly colossal, all through my life, I have struggled to acquire a piece of land for me to stay and probably inconsequential items as possessions.  Once we look around with wonder around us, it is unsettling to imagine the extent or the purpose of this universe and our place in it. Conversely, observation by Michael A. Seeds in his book, Horizons (Wadsworth Publishing Company, 1995, page 17) that “however vast the universe is, it is ruled by a small set of natural laws”, can give us confidence and some pointer to understand our existence for the purpose of day to day perspective.

For these laws to become operational in the entire universe there is a need for universal rules. To work in the entire universe, rules need to be consistent, unfaultable and duplicable. It should also be automatic, without the need to supervise its steps. The rules would be the same for you and to all the rest in the universe. There would not be VIPs or special persons or exceptions. Even if there are exceptions, they would be smoothened out or ironed out in the longer run.  Let us go through major ones in brief. Details will follow later.

Feedback system: Almost entire material, biological system and functional elements around us operate by feedback system. If it is working here nicely, it should be the same in the rest of the universe. It is cyclical in nature. Every function of the human body depends on the feedback. If the feedback fails in the body, there is a threat to survival. Greater the derangement of the feedback system greater is the threat.

Is it possible that humans triumph is because of ample endowment of the brain and the grey cells within? One certainly can think so upfront. However, it is very compelling to learn in “The Ascent of Man by Jacob Bronowski” brain development is consequent to an approximation of human thumb to the forefinger. A human being is the only animal in the earth that has mastered this ability, hence the progress.  This development set in thumb “feeding” the brain and brain in turn “feeding” the thumb, driving the thumb to hold the objects which set in a phenomenal intellectual development of the human being. One may argue that it may be the brain which gave instinct to the thumb to rotate over millions of years of evolution and set the stage for subsequent development. However, undisputed champion here is the feedback system that made it possible.

Human development has been in logarithmic scale with the exponential growth of the feedback system in his activities. The outcome of modern technological evolution is the improvement in feedback communication many of which are in the form of instant response. With the searing pace it is growing in terms of the development of a software system, the human being is ready for the next quantum to jump to move outside his planet. The communication loop is getting faster and faster at a scorching pace.

The feedback system has been one of the major factors responsible for the rise and fall of organizations. The empire which has moved away from the feedback of people has perished as incredibly as they have arisen. An organization sustains on feedback. One which has adopted this meticulously has found the recipe for success.

Balance: The plusses and minuses are in balance in this universe and they move with time (see fig). Each event would have a counter event at each level. However, the events and counter events should be within the range of natural acceptance for a particular subject. If events occur beyond the limit of its support then the event collapses.

Finally, in general, there are two to three strong events left to balance each other.

A plus emotion will have to move to negative emotion to keep the mind in balance over the period of time. Given enough time they even out. A family that gets rich, given enough time they find themselves in the bottom and vice versa. This may take a few generations. If such a rule did not exist, things would have veered only in one direction, going out of time path into oblivion.  Hence for balance, events take a waveform in the time axis.

And this wave movement in the time axis can be furthered in natural movement or unnaturally. If any manipulation is done intentionally and intensely in the subversion of natural movement, it will shorten the wave in time, leading to greater turbulence. In electromagnetic radiation, shorter the wavelength larger is the agitation in its path. Also, if the events are manipulated to-be-one-side of the axis in due course of time the subject will collapse (eg. civilizations or organizations).

Chance and Probability:  The other factor is the probability and chance. A fixed proportion for a given intensity gets done in this universe. This is the greatest self-limiting factor and controls the survival of the universe. Higher the intensity of event lesser is the probability of it happening. If the chance of great event was very high then things would have collided with each other and would decimate.  It is best to depend meticulously on low-intensity events rather than making a killing by using the high intensity/stake events for a predictable outcome. Higher the intensity/stake lesser the probability of it happening and lessen the chance of success.

Amalgamation:  Blend of feedback system, balance and chance-probability drives the engine of biological universe. They are all self limiting and run automatically. This engine is integrated with the similar engine of physical universe for survival. Therefore, as per the law, in general sense, what happens around you similar events happens in each nook and corner of the universe (of course as long as we are dealing with the universe and not multiverse).  The interplay of above three factors and their amalgamation will be enunciated in the second book “I am Life”.