Chapter III: The creatures who followed rules

 An Autobiography of a Cancer Cell

Chapter III. The creatures who followed rules

{Creatures who followed rules: Author was debating within him about the appropriate name for this chapter. Whether to name the chapter as “Persons who followed rules” or “Creatures who/that followed rules”? Finally, author decided on the latter, because there usually is an element of contempt or association of impracticality in the society towards the people who follow rules. Probably, those who follow rules are considered as people without sense of “adventure”. Perhaps there lies an ingredient of excitement in violating rules. Routinely, it might help in saving time and energy by circumventing rules. Because of this element of disdain prevalent in the society, the nomenclature, “creatures,” seems appropriate.}

One aspect of life that amazed me immensely was the creatures around me who followed rules {These could be the perspectives (more…)

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