Chapter 1: The Big Bang– out of irritation (1a)*


Beyond the Big Crunch

An Autobiography of a Cancer Cell

Prologue; Chapter I. The Big Bang – out of irritation; Chapter II. Being before the big bang – the flux; Chapter III. The creatures who followed rules; Chapter IV. Expansion; Chapter V. Access; Chapter VI. Exploration; Chapter VII. Big fight; Chapter VIII. The Empire; Chapter IX. The Crisis; Chapter X. Enlightenment – the glory of life; Chapter XI. Beyond the Big crunch – Saving a system; Chapter XII. The Universe – Birth and death of a system; Chapter XIII. Through the Universe – Avoiding the rejection; Chapter XIV. Reflections on Ecology


I am a cancer cell and this is my simple story and that of my family. Simple because, as cancer cells we have a simple philosophy of just increasing in number, going places without a care for anything. No doubt, for me, my birth, growth and travels are adventure par-excellence. However, I never realized that our actions, also speaking for the rest of my group, were just an inexorable pathway to our own utter destruction. Now I understand that I was born in an organ of a human. It took me an absolute crisis to understand the realities of life and decided to take steps in moderating my group’s and my actions.

The other objective of my story is to convey the lessons that I have learnt to the humans. I know that there are similarities at least in some actions in ours and theirs. There is a dire need to wake up in time. Also, justifiably I state that, the very genesis of me is due to the negligence on the part of humans.

Finally, my reflections do not stop just at that. I would like to put forth my views regarding the purpose of life based on my experience and making the best of it and also have a glimpse at the future. 

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Chapter I. The Big Bang – out of irritation

{ A similarity can be drawn as to how our universe and a living being came into existence vis-à-vis production of a cancer cell. All are the outcome of a process reaching a critical point}

Looking back, it all happened suddenly. It was like a sudden flash of lighting; a big bang. It was the culmination of head on collision of matter in a flux. It was the result of thing reaching a flash point. It was the outcome of an inevitable thing waiting to happen; inevitability of mathematical probability going beyond chance. At the most, it could have got deferred for some time {A cancer cell is produced when a carcinogen hits the normal cell during a critical point. A carcinogen is an irritant which is responsible for creation of a cancer cell from a normal cell in a human body}


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